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Maunoury Citybreak

26.30 and 33 rue du Docteur Maunoury



  • Where to park?


    For the 3 guest rooms at 26 rue du Docteur Maunoury  

      We do not have private parking. cars can park in the street in front of the house (paid during the day and free at night). There is also a covered parking lot 150m away: parking Coeur de Ville place des Epars (1200 spaces)

    For bicycles and motorcycles: we have a shelter in our yard that can accommodate them.


    For the 3 furnished apartments at 30 rue du Docteur Maunoury:

    For cars, bicycles and motorbikes: a private parking space will be reserved for you in the courtyard

    For the Terrace apartment at 33 rue du Docteur Maunoury:

    There is an underground parking space under the building

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